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Meet Feriel GHIMOUZ

Applied MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence – Sophia Campus
Spring 2017

I am Junior Consultant at Ysance which is a SS2I company. 

My main mission is data integration, and the tools I use every day are Talend, client data from insurance companies, banks, VTC companies...

Concerning the working environment, my colleagues are mainly Data scientists, Data Analysts, IT or Marketing officers.

The most difficult thing I do at work is improving my level in IT. I need to focus on some programming languages that are needed in different cases to bring solutions and respect deadlines.

DSTI allowed me to acquire competencies that I apply in my daily work:  

- I can find the solution to my problem on the net,

- I can think of different solutions - I only have to study each one,

- I always need to discuss and ask around me.

 Feriel Ghimouz