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Meet Mohammed ALI

Applied MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence – Off Campus
Spring 2017

After successfully completing the program at DSTI, I am now a Data Science Intern in Natural-Language Processing (NLP) at Yseop. The company specializes in natural language generation (NLG) and builds artificially intelligent models capable of understanding and generating coherent texts for the Fintech and Pharma markets.

After completing the programme at DSTI as an online student, I am now a Machine Learning Engineer and co-founder of Dainanahan.

My job consists in providing practitioners in the field of drug discovery with a group of computational tools that would aid them in their work. These tools are to include exploratory data analysis and data mining facilities as well as predictive analytics.

We mainly work on Drugs related data such as DrugsBank. We are building our analytical tools and algorithms using R, Matlab, Shiny R, ML Algorithms, Semantic Web.

I work essentially with Other Machine Learning engineers and Phds in Drugs.

The most difficult part of my work is trying to Comprehend Pharmaceutical domain.

I learned many skills at DSTI that i’m applying to my job like: Semantic Web, R, Statistics and ML techniques.

Mohammed Ali