As you may know, one of the main mission of our association is to give you access to an online platform where alumni and students can explore professional opportunities.

The DSTI Career Center by JobTeaser will allow you to create and update your profile in order to receive and provide content, job and internship opportunities. 

The career platform allows each student to have the necessary tools to boost their career in the data field.

Students will be able to find internships and job opportunities through a personalized profile.

They will access exclusive opportunities only reserved to DSTI students and alumni. Moreover, the platform includes company pages, career videos and articles with top tips are on hand to turn you into a true professional. The cards are in your hands to find out your favorite recruiters and meet them at forums, coaching workshops and daily video chats, accessible straight from the platform.

How to:

If you are an alumni:

  • Click  here.
  • You must use your DSTI email address ( to be able to see/receive the offers posted.

If you are a recruiter:

  • You just want to post a job offer? Click here*.
  • You want to be able to post job offers and have a company profile? Create a company account here.
    * Please feel free to send us directly by email your offer at:


The alumni association is a good network of professional contacts, all with whom you already have one thing in common. 

Through an alumni association, job seekers can connect with valuable tools and resources that can help develop a more successful outcome to job searching. 

Our aims are to facilitate the career development of each graduate individually so that their career reflects their talents and to enable access to an exclusive community of the highest quality candidates for recruiters.

To help you grow your career and continue in your professional success, you’ll find many resources on this site aimed at finding you the best professional opportunities to land your dream job.