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A word from the president

“Dear Alumni,

As you already know, we created the DSTI Alumni Association a year ago and I am truly honored to have the opportunity to serve as the DSTI Alumni Association first president.

Though recently born, the DSTI Alumni Association project is at the beginning of a long road. Therefore, we need your collaboration and help in order to keep the Association alive and growing.Now we are working on organizing new activities aiming at increasing the membership as well as serving the interests of the current DSTI students.

TO MAKE IT SUCCESSFUL, WE NEED YOU! We need your energy, kindness and good humor to keep active the DSTI community network that is near and dear to us and to you!

We count on you to get involved in the Alumni association in your own way by: registering as a member, regularly updating your contact details, proposing new ideas, giving regularly or occasionally a few hours of your precious time.

I want to specially mention and express my appreciation to the DSTI Administration and the Alumni Association board members. Your support made our launch feasible and continue to allow the Association to achieve its goals.

We are counting on ALL OF YOU to make the DSTI Alumni Association a visible and dynamic community that contributes to the value of our continuous education.”

Anna BOBASHEVA, President of DSTI Alumni

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