Anna Bobasheva

Before taking the big step and going back to school, having MS in Computer Science I had a successful software engineering career working in high tech industries in Russia and the US. I always have been on a lookout for the cutting-edge technologies and the rise of Data Science offered a new area where I could apply myself. 

 DSTI had open the new door for my second career as a Data Scientist by introducing me to Statistics, Machine Learning, Semantic Web and many more interesting courses taught by the field experts. The variety of courses allowed me to navigate through a maze of data science opportunities and choose the areas that fit my interests.

I was fortunate to be a part of Autumn’17 cohort of the Applied Data Science and Big Data program, the most amazing international group of people who enriched me beyond the academics. I attended the courses on Sophia campus and was enjoying the high-tech classroom setup and welcoming personal atmosphere.

I completed my internship at Inria (French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation) and currently I am working there as a Senior Research Engineer applying the Deep Learning algorithms and Semantic Web queries in the context of visual art.

I’m honored and happy to give back to the DSTI Alumni community serving as a President of the Alumni Association.

Laurent Berder

Before deciding to join DSTI, I had a career in Human Resources, which means that my memories of math were old and vague, and I had never done any programming.

I followed both the MSc in Data Science and the Advanced MSc in IS and Artificial Intelligence (I was the original student on the Sophia Antipolis campus!) during two years.

The staff and teachers really helped me develop and transition to the technicality of my new Data Science profile, and I found the programme extremely thorough, which is important to not only know how to use algorithms, but also understand how they work.

During my studies at DSTI, I was an intern in an insurance company where I worked on linking external data to specific records in their database (record linkage), and I also was an intern in a startup that makes long-term predictions on air traffic for existing and potential air routes.

Since I graduated, I've been a Consultant at KP Consulting, working on various projects such customer churn alerts for a shipping company, price adaptation for an industry, or technical/business coaching for a start-up.

Maika Warita
Yannick Ramond
Dominique Mariko